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FAQs About Servants of Smiles

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Servants of Smiles.

Go to our homepage and click the Next Event Location button. This will then take you to our Upcoming Events section. You will see the Host Name, Date, and Location of events that are near you!

Registration will begin at 7:00am the morning of the event! We operate on a first come first seen basis.

Registration for Servants of Smiles starts at 7:00am! However, it will run on a first come first serve basis. We guarantee to see the first 75 people in line. The earlier you arrive the better chance you will get to be seen.

Nothing but your smiling face! Please be aware the line will be outside so dress accordingly to the weather for that day! You may bring umbrellas, lawn chairs, a book, anything to make you comfortable while your wait for your turn. We recommend to bring snacks or a packed lunch in case you get hungry while waiting!

No, when you go through the registration line we will have paperwork for you to fill out. You do not need any form of ID. Just bring your smiling face!

If you are in the front of the registration line you will be seen fairly quickly. If you are towards the middle or end of the line you might not be seen till later in the afternoon. In this case, you are welcome to leave or sit in your car. However, if your number is called and you are not present we must move to the next number in line.

For every Servants of Smiles event, see signs for designated parking areas.

This event is primarily for adults. There are options such as Medicaid and Medicare for children to seek medical attention. With adults it harder to seek help and we want to give back to those in need!

If the team hosting the event has team members volunteering that can speak Spanish, they will be available to translate.

No, rain or shine the event must go on!

Every year, 2 months before the event, we have an automated voice message when you call the Servants of Smiles phone number that tells you all the information you need to know. You can also email us at and we will reply within the 2 months of the event.

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